Chain cleaning

CHAIN CLEANINGnnAutomatic cleaning for dairy cattle, meat cattle, pigs, sheep/goats and ducks.nnChain cleaning systems for the automatic evacuation of slurry in channels. nn 

It is a continuous system, so it has a go circuit and a return circuit. The pallets are welded to the chain, which is driven by a motor, located at the discharge point. The system can be adapted to any type of distribution, being able to rotate at various angles, thanks to the use of pulleys. nnThe unloading can be done directly on the pit or, by means of an inclined conveyor for its unloading on a manure dump or on the box of a trailer.nnThis type of system is used in facilities with tethered cows, for direct evacuation of cattle droppings. In this case, the channels are distributed at the rear of the cow stalls. It can also be used to evacuate manure/slurry collected by scraper systems. In this case, the channels will be located at the end of the ship, taking the manure to the desired place. nn